Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My sister's fault...

Okay, so i'm totally blaming my little sis for my lack of posts the past week. She lent me the Hunger Games trilogy on Saturday and i've been doing nothing but reading since then... nothing productive has been accomplished, at all. I finished the third one last night so now it's time to up the productivity levels... after i post some pics of a finished baby quilt and some happy mail day pics.

Made this for a friend's new baby girl, using some of Sarah Jane's Children at Play line.
I love the way it turned out but i keep telling Mr. Snips to stop me the next time i want to make a pinwheel quilt. I love them, but i always seem to forget how much work they actually are.

Next up... some awesome mail goodies.

First up some stash builders, no definite plans for any of this except for the Washi Waves... that's destined to be curtains for my kitchen. Might just tackle those today.

Some lovely Liberty of London prints... the bottom one is going into my stash and the top three were going to be the jumping off point for my little sisters Come What May quilt for Christmas. I've since decided that i don't like the way the reds in the top two prints play together so the top one has been pulled. I've built the stack for this quilt but will save the pics for another day.

A couple of Joel Dewberry prints...these are two of the three prints i need for someone's Christmas present that i'm not at liberty to discuss. But i hope she likes it.

Some beautiful AMH prints from her Field Study line. These two are screaming bindings to me. So i'm stashing them for later use.

This stack of Michael Miller basics (along with two prints from the Ahoy Matey line) are waiting on a fat quarter stack of the rest of the Ahoy Matey line... i'm thinking a toddler size tumblers quilt... maybe. We'll see.

Finally, some of Lizzy House Fabric's Guisling line. I'm not feeling them all together like this though. I think i'm going to pull the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and the bottom pearl bracelet and use them to make a Halloween Bunting for our house. Then use the middle three with some others...

to make a Halloween quilt. I need to bulk this up a bit with some more fabrics but i like where it's headed.

I'll hopefully be back later with a WIP Wednesday post so until then,

Happy fabric high fives!!
xo snips

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slightly lacking...

... in photos today.

The rain once again has thwarted my efforts to take decent pictures of some new projects. I finished off a baby quilt top today, and started another using some of my Heather Ross Nursery Versery stash. I'll try to get some decent shots tomorrow if the rain ever lets up.

Not much else on the sewing front, but if i could draw your attention to the new button on my sidebar. I've decided to join Elsie Marley's  Kids Clothes Week Challenge. I've been meaning to sew clothes for the boys but i never seem to get around to it. This is the push i need. The whole premise is to spend one hour a day for 7 days sewing clothes... for your kids. No problem, i can do this, plenty of spare time around here. I'll just squeeze it, after breakfast... no that won't work, before supper?, nope, no free time there, before i go to bed! Perfect!! No, no that won't work, that's when i blog. Hmm, no matter, i'm sure i'll find the time.

I picked up a couple of cute patterns that i would like to tackle...
Both from Etsy seller Heidi & Finn, the first is a hoodie pattern that i want to try for both the boys and the second is this cute coat that i thought i could try for Sam. I'm leaving the list at just those three items and we'll see how it goes. I must be crazy.
Or seriously lacking in sleep...
 time for bed i think.

I'll leave you all with this adorable shot of the boys...

High fives for cute little boys!!
xo snips

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday... and a happy mail day!

Not much to show on the productive side of things today... hand stitching a binding... building up some of my Out to Sea blocks... taking apart some Out to Sea blocks... resewing some Out to Sea blocks... you get the idea.

Maybe what i should have been doing was working on my photography skills. I couldn't get any decent shots of any of my blocks today. This is the best i was able to get.

I'm thinking three blocks across and four down with sashing in between. Not necessarily in this order though.

The block in the lower left corner is what i spent most of my time with. I wasn't happy with the finished block the first time around so i picked the whole thing apart...

...pressed it and reassembled it. I'm much happier with the new block.

On to the mail!

On the left and in the middle are some more AMH voile's for my hexie quilt.
And the two prints on the right are for my sister's Come What May quilt for Christmas... not sure that i'll be using them though. I had originally planned on making the whole quilt out some of the new Liberty of London prints but they sold out so fast that i was only able to get four prints of the eight that i wanted.
So i picked out the two Amy Butler prints from her Cameo line thinking that they went nicely with the Liberty fabrics. The Liberty fabrics haven't come in the mail yet (hopefully tomorrow) but i can already tell that the bottom print is so not going to work. In the picture the yellow reads as um, yellow. When in reality it's florescent. Not what i was expecting. The top print is nice but seeing it in real life i'm not to sure if it will work. I'll have to wait and see when the Liberty arrives. It is pretty though and i will definitely use it in another project. As for the florescent... i may try my hand at bleaching it.

Still waiting on seven more fabrics from this order...
and maybe some from a couple more orders.

Fabulous fabric high fives!

xo snips 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Okay so i totally planned on writing a proper post with all sorts of witty remarks, interesting ideas and can't live without tutorials, then finishing up with the quilt top i finished this morning.
But i was sucked into Pintrest again and couldn't get out.
It's not my fault... i'm positive they have some sort of subliminal messages happening there that keep people from leaving.
Now looking at the clock it's almost midnight so i'm jumping straight to the quilt.

It started with Sarah Jane's newest fabric line...Out To Sea. It was one of those lines that no matter what, i had to have it. So the day Hawthorne Threads released it i snatched up some of my favorite prints...

When they arrived i spent a great deal of time just staring at them... to scared to cut into them for fear of making something unworthy of the prints. Am i the only one with this problem? Then i start thinking that maybe i should have ordered more, because if i use this then i won't have any to use later, okay maybe i shouldn't cut into it. Which totally defeats the purpose of buying fabric to make things with. So with no plan of action what so ever i started cutting, and sewing and cutting some more. And blocks started forming... and then i realized that i was no longer making one quilt, but two.

It's quite obvious that the blocks don't belong together.

So i continued on with the ships and left the narwhals for another day. I've made a few more blocks for the ship quilt but became sidetracked with some other projects and put it to the back burner. Then yesterday i pulled out the two narwhal blocks and decided i needed to finish at least one quilt top with this fabric...

So I did. I'll apologize now for the rubbish photo, it rained all day today...

It's quite different than what i normally make but i love it! I now just need to pick the right backing and binding to finish it off then this could potentially be the first quilt i post for sale in my shop!!

I also managed to get in a little work on my AMH hexie quilt...

Super productive high fives for all!!
xo snips

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Monday

Just popping in with some projects on the go that hopefully posting about will push me to get  finished...

First up...

A giant star (that like all my projects needs pressing). I followed Jeni Baker's easy peasy tutorial for this then added the border. If you've never been to Jeni's blog In Color Order you should go... it's awesome.

Next... the Tula Pink picnic quilt i've been making since... May? Has it really been that long?
I really need to start finishing some of these things.
Anyway... here's the quilt top.

It's not what i had originally planned but i love it.

The back is pretty simple. I wanted something dark, we'll be using this mostly outside so i wanted something that would hide grass stains and such.

It's also quite a bit larger than what i normally make for a back but i'm going to try quilting it with concentric circles from the center and i want to make sure that it's big enough.
If anyone has any tips they'd be greatly appreciated!!

I'm waiting on backing fabric for the nautical star, but the Tula Pink is ready to be sandwiched and quilted... hopefully this week?

Delusional high fives for all!
xo snips

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stash

Just pulling some solids to go with some of my Nursery Versery prints by Heather Ross.
These are all destined to be simple baby quilts or maybe some little zip pouches...

I've finished my Come What May quilt top and the Children at Play Pinwheels quilt i've been making for a friends new baby girl, so i might just cut into these tomorrow.

Come What May & Pinwheels pics coming soon... tried taking some today but it was to windy and way to sunny, so all the colours are washed out. I've posted a pic on my instagram of the Come What May quilt top if you want to check it out.

Until then...
little mousey high fives!
xox snips

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wip wed...

Not much on the go for today...

Was up all night with Max... he's teething... need i say more.
So part of me wants to enjoy the last bit of quiet before Sammy comes home from his grandmas, but at the same time i have so many projects on the go that i should be working on...

Like finishing this block off with a border in the grey pindot for my Christmas quilt...

Or maybe start sewing my Come What May quilt...

Maybe i'll just watch Fringe and work on my AMH hexie quilt.

Although a nap is looking good right about now.

We'll see.

sleepy afternoon high fives...
quietly though... Max is napping.

xo snips

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Stash

Yeah, yeah i know it's not Sunday. But i swear i meant to post this yesterday. And i guess i could have named this post Monday Stash but it just doesn't roll as nicely as Sunday Stash. And it's my blog, so i can do whatever i want, so there.
Now... on to the stash.

I'll be using this lovely little bundle for the couch in my studio... once i refinish and reupholster it, (that's a post for another day).

The 8 on the left will be the quilt... i'm using Jaybird Quilts Come What May quilt pattern.
I love this quilt pattern and i'm looking so forward to getting started on it.
(Cause that's what i need... another quilt on the go, and for me no  less.)
The fabrics on the right i'm going to use to make some pillows for the lucky couch.
And the fabulous print in the center is going to be the binding on the quilt... love, love, love this fabric!
Will post some WIP pics asap. Stay tuned!

Super Monday/Sunday Stash High Fives!
xox snips

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

WIP WEDNESDAY!... yeah, yeah i know it's Thursday.

But in my defense i did start this post yesterday.
And i've come to the conclusion that my time management skills are rather pitiful. Oh well...'s a bit of what i have on the go right now.

I would love to post pics of everything in progress right now but i've officially lost count of the number of quilts i have on the go right now.  I believe i'm working on about 15 or so. And that's not including the stacks of fabrics i've pulled and bundled for other ideas as well as the rest of the ideas bouncing around in my head.

I really need a bit of focus to get some of these projects crossed off my list.

So today, instead of working on a project to sell (like i should have been), i decided to tackle another block of my Christmas quilt. 

I began this quilt with a stack of Maude Asbury's Tinsel line and some coordinating solids and basic prints, and no firm plan of what i wanted to do. Then somewhere along the way i decided to make it a bit of a sampler... just trying out a few blocks here and there that i liked.
My first was the wonky star block above that finished out at 14.5 inches. I've since framed it in a grey pin dot and attached it to an uncut piece of the Reindeer Games print in white.

 (i probably should have pressed it before taking the picture)

I've left the piece quite long... 43 inches. I'm not sure if i'll leave it this length or cut it down but  as soon as i saw the print it screamed that it wanted to be hand quilted. I plan on hand quilting all the little stars all over.

Once again i may be slightly delusional in thinking this will be done for Christmas... the projects for me tend to sit on the back burner for quite a while, but we'll see. After piecing the wonky star block and deciding on hand quilting the stars, i thought i'd just roll with the star theme and make the whole quilt a bit of a star sampler.

So up next...a nice substantial Swoon block...

So, um... this is what happens when you sew while watching Madagascar with a 2 1/2 year old hanging off your arm and a teething six month old screaming in the background.
For those of you who don't see the problem (other than my complete inability to press properly), here's what a proper swoon block looks like.

(one of my Washi print swoon blocks...more pics coming soon.)

In my planning process i decided to use the same grey for the background and colour 1, because i love the way the star pops. I think this is part of why i stitched the block together wrong. You'd think though that i would have noticed a little sooner in the process. You know, after the first corner was stitched on or even while i was pressing it. But nooo, i managed to get all the corners wrong and didn't notice until i stuck it up on my design wall to snap a pic. Doh!

So do i rip the seams and make it a proper swoon block? Or leave it as is... because i kinda like it the way it is. (And i'm not just saying that so i don't have to do all the work again.)
I could always make another swoon block, maybe a mini swoon block?

We'll see.

       until then,
Super Stary high fives!!
  xo snips

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lets Just Pretend I've Been Here All Along...

So you'll undoubtedly notice i haven't been here in... wow 8 months!, shame on me.
In actuality though i haven't really posted anything in the last year. Double shame on me.

A million things have happened in the time that i've been gone, but instead of spending the rest of eternity trying to play catch up, i thought i'd just post what i want when i want. Sound good? Alrighty then... lets begin.

First and foremost you'll notice my new blog header... complete with two gorgeous little boys. (Though Sammy's not so little anymore.) And Max seems to be growing like a weed as well.
I feel a little bad for not posting about Max when he was born... or at all since then, i mean it's been six months, i should have at least posted this photo...

 Have you ever seen a baby as cute as him...

Okay Sammy was as cute...
a little grumpy in this shot (you'd be grumpy too with a tube up your nose),
but cute nonetheless.

Anyhoo... six months has passed and Max is huge and Sammy is awesome and i'm trying like mad to figure out how to take care of a toddler that has officially hit the terrible two's, a six month old that's teething, keeping up with the housework, finding the time to get a little sewing in and perhaps some more blogging... oh and trying to squeeze in a date with mr. snips. Chaotic? Yes...but i'm loving every minute of it!

Stay tuned for some sewing related posts!

High fives for me for actually posting something again!
  xo snips