Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snapshot Sunday

So Miss Marvelous has chosen reflective as this weeks word, I had a few photos lined up that I was deciding on but ended up not needing them. We popped into the Ford dealership this morning so Mr. Snips could take a look at the new Focus and I managed to snap a picture that I think works beautifully for reflective.
So here`s my snap for Sunday...

A nice little family portrait. You`d almost think that the whole car had been chromed it`s so reflective!  And also notice that Sam has grown a second head... hmmm two Sam`s constantly asking, dat? dat? dat?

Now, The Smashing Miss Marvelous has not yet sent me her photo...
I`ve set this to publish automatically as it`s midnight here and I need to get to bed, so I`ll update when she sends me her photo.

later taters!

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  1. Yeah that Miss Marvelous she's been slacking in this whole Snapshot Sunday department eh?


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