Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Suck...

My apologies once again blog world, I'm really dropping the ball lately.
In my defence I have been really busy, but I should have found the time for at least a few posts in the last couple weeks.

I've started painting again and it's something that I can really only do when Sammy's asleep, And it just so happens that my normal blogging time is around nine at night when he's asleep... you see the dilemma...
So my little blog has taken the back seat while I get some work ready for an upcoming show this weekend. After this weekend hopefully all will go back to normal. I hope...

Until then I'll leave you with a shot of one of my finished paintings for the show.


high five!!


  1. Love your AT-AT!!! Where is your show??

  2. Thanks Eryn!
    The show was actually cancelled. I had a tent at the Cambridge Arts Festival the first weekend of June. It was an outdoor festival and we ended up having a crazy storm that trashed everything. I lost three paintings entirely and almost everything else was damaged. It was a pretty cool storm but would have been cooler if my paintings were safely inside. Oh well.
    If your interested click on the link for my snippets101 flickr site on the right side there, that's where I post my artwork.


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