Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snapshot Sundays

When I am not working, sewing, crafting, chasing after Sam or being extraordinarily awesome, I've been learning to use my camera properly, in the hopes that it will help with my picture taking skills.
So to help with that, I have a new project.
You know, to fill all that free time that I have...
...stop rolling your eyes.

I've started a little photo project with the Smashing Miss Marvelous...
...aka my big sis.

Each week one of us will choose the "word of the week", then we each go out that week and take a picture that we think invokes the feeling of that word, or best portrays that word. Then every Sunday we post both pictures on our blogs, with explanation or without.

We're both hoping that this little project will help to improve our photography skills (not that she needs any help with hers.) As well as getting us both in the habit of posting on a more regular basis.

So without further ado... last weeks word as chosen by Miss Marvelous...

And our pics!!

 With the three inches of fresh snow there, it would seem that spring is a long way off, 
but I think her photo is a great representation of spring.

And now my snap of  spring...

Some pretty little crocuses?...croci? taken on a sunny walk with Sam.

And I guess that's it for Snapshot Sundays.
Stayed tuned for next weeks snapshot...


  1. Yay for Snapshot Sundays!!! How come the pictures look of a better quality on your blog than on mine?

  2. I was thinking the opposite...
    The pics look better over there.
    I think they pop more off your background.


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