Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Birthday...

My most loyal subjects, my birthday is fast approaching and...

no, no... please, remain in your seats. I completely understand your need to show your devotion to me by rising with applause.
It's completely unnecessary.

okay... if you must, but only for a couple minutes.

As I was saying, my birthday is fast approaching, and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the gifts I think appropriate for this momentous day.

Shall we begin...

Gift # 1...

Practical... because it will hide all the little finger prints and "kisses" that Sam seems to get all over the top of my netbook...
And stylish... Kofie is one of my favourite graffiti artist, need I say more.

Gift # 2

I know, I know... a toaster for my birthday? But we need one, ours works fine but only toasts two slices.
This one is only to be bought if it's on sale... right now it's on for $29.97... don't pay $49.99 for it.

Gift # 3 is really three sewing related gifts...

Some much needed feet for my sewing machine... can be found here and here.
And a Fons and Porter design wall that can be found here.

Two last gifts... the first is not going to happen but I would like it...

Not my usual style of fabric but I just love this line... I think it would make a gorgeous summer quilt. Unfortunately it's not available until July... I guess I'll just save my pennies for this.

Last and certainly not least...

Maybe someone could come with me to Greenwood Quiltery and buy me lots of fabric??

Thank you, that is all... You have two weeks to go and get me the perfect gift... oh and please don't buy me a toaster for my birthday...  I must be mental... a toaster for my birthday? really?

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  1. Bought the toaster - does that make me mental? Or did I undo it by returning it after I read you really didn't want it!? hehehe


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