Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I almost made out with the post man...

...okay, so I wouldn't have actually made out with him, but the thought crossed my mind, briefly. 

I was just so excited!

You know it's a good mail day when the "special"  mail man shows up, 
you know, the one that comes when you're getting stuff that's too big for the regular mail man to bring? 

So do ya wanna know what he brought?

Boxes!! Hurray!!
haha..just kidding. wanna see what's inside the boxes?
okey dokey... in the little box on the bottom we have...

A half yard of Cosmo Cricket Tailor Made Scissors in Cream....for me.
And a full yard of Alexander Henry's Cupcakes in Mocha Pink... also for me.
Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them yet but I'll think of something.

Also in the magical box of goodness was this...

A half yard each of The Grand Tour from the Victoria and Albert Collection!

This fantabulous bundle will be making it's way into a quilt for my big sis for her birthday...shh, don't tell her.
I purposely am not showing anymore of the line so she will be surprised when she gets it... although I guess she could just google the fabric and see what it looks like... BUT SHE WON'T...WILL SHE?! Trust me Tan, you're going to love bottles, books,'s like it was made for you.

Now in the next box...

I'm seeing a little fold up play mat...maybe backed in corduroy? For me and Sam? My friends Matt and Jen and their little sea monkey? hmmmm. I'll get back to this.

Sorry for the dark photo... just a sampler of fat quarter solids to have on hand and use as needed.
Some other little odds and ends in the box that didn't get photoed...thread, charm pack of solids, suction cup ruler holder thingamajig...(that would be a technical term for all the non sewers out there.)
Oh and if you google image search, suction cup ruler holder some interesting things come up...
I was particularly interested in these...

At one time available at Urban Outfitters but the link now takes you to a page that's says no longer available... dang. 
I need robots to hold my toothbrush right? 
right? okay who's with me? guys? hello?
never mind then... now where was I?

Oh yes... now, after being so giddy about my awesome mail day you can't even begin to imagine my state when I found this in the mail box... brought by our regular mail man...

A fat quarter of each of the My Happy Nursery line by Cloud9 fabrics...
More on this later with more pics...

And finally...

Okay this lovely little fat quarter didn't come in the mail... 
I popped into the quilt shop on our walk to my mom's...
Sam had fallen asleep and it's so rare for me to be able to peruse the fabric without Sam trying to grab things or getting fussy. 
So I planned on just browsing but when I saw this it screamed _______! 
So I'll be making a little somethin' somethin' and sending it her way!

Well I guess that's it... still waiting on a couple charm packs of 
Heather Baileys Nicey Jane line, 
for a quilt for my mom... hopefully they come tomorrow :)


  1. OK if I promise not to google the Victoria and Albert line please please please can the squirrell (God I wish I could remeber how to spell that cute, little rodent's name!) one is for me!!?!?!?!? Oh please??????? I lurv and I love a cookie!! And it should go without saying I love you too!! (too many exlamation points? hmm?) xoxoxox

  2. Oh, about the roboty tooth-brush holder thingy - love it but tooth-brush next to razor? Bad idea, trust me, I thought one of those razors was a lollipop once. Not pretty and so easy to grab it instead of the brush of the teeth stick...ouch!

  3. hmmmm... i guess the cute rodent fabric could go to you... hmmm... i don't know... i might just keep it...
    hmmm... of course it's going to you!!

  4. Hurraaaah!!! I still love a cookie and a Sam too! xoxoxox for all of you!

  5. lucky you! the cloud 9 fabrics look delicious...

  6. They are... i've just started sewing them and they're a dream to work with!


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