Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When bunting goes bad...

Sorry for the delay on Sam's party pics, been busy with some other crafty things... more on that later.

Well without further ado... here come the pics... 

 No I didn't take this picture in a mirror. 
This was the first Happy Birthday bunting I made... as you can see there was a little bit of an error in the layout process. Still not really sure how I managed to mess up both words, yes they are two separate banners, but I did get them fixed and they looked great, then forgot to take a picture...

 A shot of the pom pom garland I made.

 Gifts from mom and dad.

 The dessert table...
 Chocolate fudge cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting and little 
woodland cupcake stick thingies made by me.

Acorn shaped brownies... and banana cake with chocolate butter-cream frosting.

 Rice Krispie squares...

 And carrot raisin mini cupcakes with cream cheese icing...
We also had really cute woodland animal sugar cookies that somehow managed to dodge the camera.
 Sam opening gifts...

 Then deciding that eating the ribbon is more fun.

 Apparently eating the wrap is good too.

I'll just read the card while you have a snack...

 Down to business... opening the Lemony Snickett series from mom and dad.

And finally... getting some cake!!

You'll notice that I failed to post a pic of the cake... 
It was delicious, but not so attractive.
I made a yummy banana cake (my first from scratch) with a chocolate mini cake topper and frosted the whole thing in chocolate butter-cream. 
What I failed to realize was that butter-cream is not really meant for finishing. 
It tastes great but just doesn't look so nice.
I had also planned on putting a big chocolate S on the top in front of the cute little mini cake bunting I made.
Unfortunately the S didn't co-operate and was therefore placed laying down on the top instead of standing upright like I had envisioned.

So the cake didn't look the way it did in my head, but you know what...

Sam loved it anyways, and that's all that matters.

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