Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just one of those days... part 2

If you're just getting here the prelude to this post is here.

Now after all that the rest seems relatively small but you must remember that this was all in one afternoon...

Things had been going well, Sam had a nice long nap, and I managed to do the machine stitching part of his quilt binding. After his nap he was playing nicely in the living room, while I was doing the dishes. After a few minutes I heard what sounded like things been dropped from up high... I go into the living room to find him standing on a stool in front of a table dropping DVD's onto the floor. Crap, had forgotten that just that morning he figured out how to climb up onto the couch in his room. (Also discovered how to fall off said couch.) And the stool is about the same height as his couch. So I moved that, checked the room over again for anything else that he could climb on and returned to the kitchen to get the garbage ready to take out.

Now we have the living room at my parents set up in such a way so as to not let him escape. Or so I thought.
Not even five minutes later I hear him thumping down the hall. I still have no idea how he managed to escape the living room but reinforcements are going to put in place today when we get there.

Now not only had he managed to escape the living room, he also grabbed a night light out of the hall socket!
Great, playing with the electrical socket, though he could have went for the stairs instead of the socket. Not sure which is worse...electricity, or twenty or so stairs. (the stairs go up from the hall, not down...not that it really matters, he can climb them like nobodies business.)

Wait, wait, wait, hold off on the mom of the year award there's more.

While returning him to the living room (and seriously considering a straight jacket, if only so I could get some things done) I noticed that his finger was bleeding.

For the love of cheeseburgers, could I not catch a break today??

So I take him into the kitchen to run it under some cold water, it's bleeding about the same as if you pricked your finger with a pin... not much but when it's your child's blood on his little bitty finger it's a big deal.
So I stick his hand under the cold water and he's thinking that this is pretty cool... that is until he grabs the faucet and the cold water sprays all over his face and mine as well as soaking him to the elbow.

And that, was our day yesterday... please let today be better.


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