Sunday, January 23, 2011

I give up...

I can't fix my header...
I've heard from some others that it's a blogger problem and not me, so I've used the fonts they provide for my header and I'll try again in a week or so to upload my own custom one again.

On an unrelated are the invitations I made for Sam's first birthday party! progress

...and here's the final invite

(that's on the inside)

I made them using some card stock and scrapbooking paper I had on hand and some poofy ball thingies (technical term) that I found at a dollar store.  Pretty cute right?
We're going with a woodland book party theme... woodland because it's just cute, what with all the mushrooms and forest animals and such, and the book part because Sam received so many toys at Christmas that we thought it would be nice to build his library, instead of getting more toys.

Mr. Snips and I are giving him the Lemony Snickett series... which he will hopefully enjoy when he's older, as well as some cute little board books that he can enjoy now.

In addition to the books we headed to Ikea yesterday to pick up this little reading chair for his room.
  He seems to like it.

I'll also be giving him the quilt that he was supposed to be getting for Christmas but I didn't quite get finished.
The tickers have all been sewn down and I just need to make and attach the binding. 

Easy peasy right...?
Yeah that's what I thought about the whole quilt. Let me remind you all of this post about the binding on Sam's stocking. So far in my quilting experience everything has taken longer and been considerably harder than I originally anticipated. Not that I'm complaining...the quilt is beautiful, even in it's unfinished state... but if I want a quilt for the next baby we have I should have started yesterday...

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