Saturday, January 29, 2011

New boot love...

Dun dun da daaa!!

New Boots!! And oh how I love them.

I've been desperately needing new boots this year. I do so much more walking now that I have Sam and last years boots just weren't cutting it. So as soon as I saw these I had to have them. Warm, comfy and best of all waterproof!! They also have great traction, which is nice when you're pushing an SUV size stroller through the snow.

But even though I have nice, new boots I just can't seem to part with the old boots. There's just something about Uggs that make them so damn comfy...even though it looks like I'm wearing two burnt loaves of bread on my feet.
Nice eh?

So thank you Mom and Dad for the warm, dry feet and one of the best Christmas gifts ever!
(sam helping with the styling)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just one of those days... part 2

If you're just getting here the prelude to this post is here.

Now after all that the rest seems relatively small but you must remember that this was all in one afternoon...

Things had been going well, Sam had a nice long nap, and I managed to do the machine stitching part of his quilt binding. After his nap he was playing nicely in the living room, while I was doing the dishes. After a few minutes I heard what sounded like things been dropped from up high... I go into the living room to find him standing on a stool in front of a table dropping DVD's onto the floor. Crap, had forgotten that just that morning he figured out how to climb up onto the couch in his room. (Also discovered how to fall off said couch.) And the stool is about the same height as his couch. So I moved that, checked the room over again for anything else that he could climb on and returned to the kitchen to get the garbage ready to take out.

Now we have the living room at my parents set up in such a way so as to not let him escape. Or so I thought.
Not even five minutes later I hear him thumping down the hall. I still have no idea how he managed to escape the living room but reinforcements are going to put in place today when we get there.

Now not only had he managed to escape the living room, he also grabbed a night light out of the hall socket!
Great, playing with the electrical socket, though he could have went for the stairs instead of the socket. Not sure which is worse...electricity, or twenty or so stairs. (the stairs go up from the hall, not down...not that it really matters, he can climb them like nobodies business.)

Wait, wait, wait, hold off on the mom of the year award there's more.

While returning him to the living room (and seriously considering a straight jacket, if only so I could get some things done) I noticed that his finger was bleeding.

For the love of cheeseburgers, could I not catch a break today??

So I take him into the kitchen to run it under some cold water, it's bleeding about the same as if you pricked your finger with a pin... not much but when it's your child's blood on his little bitty finger it's a big deal.
So I stick his hand under the cold water and he's thinking that this is pretty cool... that is until he grabs the faucet and the cold water sprays all over his face and mine as well as soaking him to the elbow.

And that, was our day yesterday... please let today be better.

Just one of those days...

You ever have one of those days where something goes wrong, and then something else goes wrong and then after the third thing goes wrong you think... "today is not going to be my day"... but being optimistic you think in the back of your head that nothing else could possibly go wrong... and then it does... that was my day yesterday.

It started like any other day...
Um... well not really, I'm house sitting for my parents while they're in Cuba and that's not like every other day. But other than that, it was like any other day... well Sam and I did catch a cab over to their house, because of the freezing not quite like any other day... we normally walk.
Umm.. hmmm, maybe I should skip the intro? Okey dokey...

I guess it all started when the cabbie dropped us off and I went to unlock the front door. Now I'm not sure if it was because the lock was frozen or because the lock's an old piece of crap... sorry... but the key wouldn't turn. I tried everything I could think of to get it to turn... not that my brain was functioning properly, what with the freezing temp and my mom's dog Shorty barking like mad on the other side of the door.

For about twenty minutes I tried to turn that key, I turned it hard enough that I did this to my key ring

I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't getting in the front door. It was then that I remembered the spare key to the back door that my mom left me "just in case". Now me being the genius that I am decided last week after they left that I would give the key to my sister "just in case". My rationing behind this was that if I kept the key with my keys then lost my keys my sis would still have a key to get in. Smart right... until the key to the front door wouldn't work and I didn't have a key to the back door.

My situation now is as follows...
Freezing cold out, Sam and I ill prepared for the elements, I have my purse which contains my ereader and my camera and another bag with my laptop...things I don't want left in the cold. Dog inside now going ballistic, neighbors that are home probably think I'm trying to burgle the house, no car to get to sisters work to get key... not that it matters because I don't drive... and did I mention the freezing cold.

Well no problem we'll just pull out our trusty cell phone... what's that? no cell phone?! In this day and age you think I would have a cell phone. So as much as I hate phones, I'm thinking I might just need to get one for emergencies.

Anyhoo... I needed a plan... and quick
My first plan involved a camp fire on the front porch with roasted weenies and marshmallows (did I mention that it was lunch)...
Unfortunately Sam's still to young for weenies and marshmallows, that and I didn't think my parents would appreciate coming home to a burnt out front porch ... we were also lacking in marshmallows and weenies...
So on to Plan B. Find pay phone...
Luckily we leave one of those cheap umbrella strollers on my parents front porch... not the most ideal stroller in the world, but better than carrying Sam in his car seat or in my arms... I figured there would be a pay phone at the arena by my parent's house...about a five minute walk, if that.
Now, has anyone ever tried pushing an umbrella stroller in the snow?, not easy...

I half pushed, half dragged him to the arena to find that there was no pay phone...drat. No problem though, I'll cross the street to the convenience store and see if they have a pay phone. Nope... and the "nice" young man working there wouldn't even let me use the store phone to make a local call. Said the closest pay phone was about a fifteen/twenty minute walk. Not an option with this stroller. Or the cold.

At this point I'm close to crying... not sure what to do I think maybe it was just me and if I go back and try the key again it will work. So back we go. Where we try again...with a little bit of luck. The key has turned slightly and I'm thinking if I had something to hold onto it with I just might be able to get it turned all the way around. My luck then changed and I found a handy utility knife thingamajiggy with pliers built in, right on the porch!
Sweet!! So with tool in hand I managed to get the key turned, 360 degrees, three times. And still it wouldn't unlock. It was like the lock had been stripped. So it's not me that's the problem... what to do now?

Finally facing the fact that I'm going to have to walk to my Nana's... didn't want this to be an option as there's a really big hill involved and it's cold.
I'm now cursing the umbrella stroller and thinking fondly of our nice big SUV of a stroller at home with the warm nano bag and inclement weather dome. As well as my mittens, toque and scarf that I didn't think I would need.

Okay, on our way to Nana's, no problem, we'll make a pit stop at the arena again, warm up in the lobby and finish the journey.
Another lucky break!! Janitor at the arena says that they do have a pay phone... just down the hall!! Hooray!!

Stupid pay phone... don't want my quarters eh? I'll show you...
"collect call please",
"the customer you are calling does not accept collect calls"...
stupid automated lady... I'll show you...
string of  not so nice words under my breath, then the tears start.

Thank the nice janitor as we're leaving and let him know that the phone is broken and wouldn't take my money... he offers the use of the office phone... The tears really came now... "Thu, thu, thu, thank yu yyyou"
I think at that point he may have briefly considered either running or at the very least really regretting the offer.

Quick call to my sis, who conveniently was on the road, and she came to save they day!!
Thanks Al!!

Now, you think that would be all to this horrible day...but it's not. Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I give up...

I can't fix my header...
I've heard from some others that it's a blogger problem and not me, so I've used the fonts they provide for my header and I'll try again in a week or so to upload my own custom one again.

On an unrelated are the invitations I made for Sam's first birthday party! progress

...and here's the final invite

(that's on the inside)

I made them using some card stock and scrapbooking paper I had on hand and some poofy ball thingies (technical term) that I found at a dollar store.  Pretty cute right?
We're going with a woodland book party theme... woodland because it's just cute, what with all the mushrooms and forest animals and such, and the book part because Sam received so many toys at Christmas that we thought it would be nice to build his library, instead of getting more toys.

Mr. Snips and I are giving him the Lemony Snickett series... which he will hopefully enjoy when he's older, as well as some cute little board books that he can enjoy now.

In addition to the books we headed to Ikea yesterday to pick up this little reading chair for his room.
  He seems to like it.

I'll also be giving him the quilt that he was supposed to be getting for Christmas but I didn't quite get finished.
The tickers have all been sewn down and I just need to make and attach the binding. 

Easy peasy right...?
Yeah that's what I thought about the whole quilt. Let me remind you all of this post about the binding on Sam's stocking. So far in my quilting experience everything has taken longer and been considerably harder than I originally anticipated. Not that I'm complaining...the quilt is beautiful, even in it's unfinished state... but if I want a quilt for the next baby we have I should have started yesterday...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Changes...part 2

So it seems that I can't get my header to look even remotely decent...
I have tried everything but it just isn't happening for me.
Wishing now that I had saved my old header, it didn't go with the new look, but at least it didn't look like it had been dragged through a mud puddle and stretched out like some little kids slinky dog.

It looks great in photoshop, but not so much when uploaded, I just can't seem to get it from blurring.  
If there's anyone out there in blogland that can help...please do...

Changes I was playing around in the templates area, trying stuff out and just went ahead and applied the changes...not thinking that I'll need to make a new banner. And all my photos have that cream coloured border around them that I put on in I'll have to edit all those. And it's now twenty after twelve in the morning...
So, in conclusion, please be patient while I make necessary adjustments. Thank you. That is all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Once again...

...I would like to apologize for the lack of posts. Lately time has been sneaking away from me...and I can’t say I’m too pleased about it.
My year of maternity leave is almost up and next month I’ll be heading back to work, I can say with certainty that I’m not looking forward to it.
I would love more than anything to stay home with Sam and paint and craft and sew, but that’s not going to pay the bills. So back I go, long enough to build up my maternity leave again and then hopefully after we have number two I can stay home... what? A girl can dream right?

I’ve tackled quite a few projects over the last couple months and a wish I had been a little more consistent with my picture taking as well as my blog posting. There are so many things I want to show but I don’t know where to begin.

I guess I’ll start with Sam’s stocking.
I had hoped to make him a fancy embroidered one with robots decorating a Christmas tree but with all the other gifts I had on the go I decided to keep it simple. And by simple I mean it only took me three times longer than I had originally anticipated and my first attempt at binding looked like it had been sewn on by a sugared up preschooler with poor spatial awareness.

(this is where the photo would be had I thought to document such a horrid display of sewing butchery)

Anyhoo...these are the fabrics that I came across that I thought would make a great quilted stocking for him.
 Here’s a shot of him with the almost finished stocking.
And here’s one of it all done.
I had originally planned on doing a patchwork style but when I got the strips all sewn together and was preparing to cut them all down again I kinda liked the way it looked, so decided to keep it. Though I wish a hadn’t used the fabric in the heel and toe as stripes in the breaks up the gradient and I think the heel and toe would have more pop if the stripes were gone.
Oh well, all in all I like it, and it was only for this year he’ll get the fancy embroidered one...
I guess I should go start that now...