Thursday, August 26, 2010

Food Chain Friends!

I’ve tried my best to limit the amount of toys we buy for Sam...and I’ve tried to let family and friends know that we are trying to avoid an abundance of toys for him. I want him to have favorite toys and I don’t think that’s possible when you have a gazillion toys to choose from.

It’s been hard though, he’s our first and everyone wants to spoil him. And I will admit certain toys I just can’t resist buying for him, I’m a sucker for eco friendly wooden toys as well as cool vintage and antique toys.

I’m not a huge fan of stuffies, they need to be super cool to get clearance into Sam's room. So Sam has a huge box full of stuffed animals that probably won’t ever see the light of day. (My apologies to all who bought them, but how many stuffed animals does one little boy need?) That being said, I came across the coolest stuffed animals the other day that I had to buy for him. And I had to buy all of them. I know, I know shame on me, but look at them!

Mom! Mom! It’s got my leg...AHHHHHH!
Haha!! Just kidding! It’s okay Mom, they’re friends, they eat each other, they’re the Food Chain Friends. It’s a complicated relationship.
Daro, a small green planet much like Earth as it was two hundred million years ago, is home to the Food Chain Friends. Let's peek into their world now... oh! there's Skitter, hopping and bopping, when Sleeth comes along.

"Fancy a game of hide and seek?" Sleeth asks. "I'm a bit bored of chasing my tail"

Skitter lights up, his pink ears standing on end. "Oh, I'd ADORE a game, Sleeth!"

"Oh," Sleeth says as he chases Skitter around. "When we're done playing, would you mind horribly if I ate you? I'm feeling a bit peckish."

"No problem," says Skitter, "I figured that's how this would end. Nice day, isn't it? Other than the cold, that is..."

"Beautiful day, Skitter. I'm sorry that you have to miss the rest of it."

This is the whole Alpha series... the big guy is Lankum, he eats Herkin, who in turn eats Sleeth, who noshes on Skitter (Sam’s favorite), who finishes the chain by eating Fraaky.
They’re like Russian nesting dolls. Each one fits neatly in the mouth of the next creature up the chain. So they only take up as much space as the biggest creature. Have you ever seen plushies this cool! I’m not entirely sure if I bought them for Sam or for me.

They also have two other series...though I was only able to find the two biggest creatures for each.
The Beta Series...

I only have Frokol the biggest guy and Vextie (my favorite). I need to find Fergel, Skoodle and Zezzel.
And for the Gamma series...

I have the big guy, Sleeb...whom I love, and the next one down, Ruffer. M.I.A. are Duddle, Meepsie and Queaky.

I’m not sure what I love most...that they’re undeniably cute, that they all have a background story or the cute names that you just want to say over and over again...whatever it is I love them!...

I mean Sam loves them, yeah... Sam loves them.


  1. Hello! I was wondering where you bought these! I am in desperate need to find ruffer and Herkin. They have always been my favorite, but I cannot find them anywhere :( any tips would help! Thanks!

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