Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Zero - 3 Down!

So one of my Day Zero items was to photograph and blog about my finished goals...
I’ve finished three so far. The first one done was the photo album of Sam for Mr. Snips grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. And I forgot to take a finished picture...doh! I’d considered taking a random shot of a photo album I have here to post, but somehow that seemed wrong. Probably not the best way to start this project off. So although I didn’t get the shot, Mr. Snips grandparents loved the photo album and that was enough to make me happy.

The next goal off my list was to get a library card. Done.
This may get me into trouble...I now have access to the library’s whole catalog online...I can just order what I want and some lovely librarian collects my books and has them ready for me when I get there. Sweet!

The third goal off my list was to take my Mom out for lunch and pay for everything. So last Monday instead of our usual routine (ham and cheese buns from Dutch Toko or olive loaf from the Market, then back to my place), we went to the Wooly.
 The food was great, we split the Arrow Selection
 and the kids nachos and cheese. And Sam had a nice cold glass of water.
 We had a lovely time and decided to have lunch there every Friday...a nice way to balance out our picnic Mondays.

I guess that’s all for now...
but I’m getting ready to take on numbers 66 and 67...
so get ready for the cranes!



  1. ahem, 94 should be nearing the top of the list soon eh?!
    hahaha lOve yOu!

  2. i'm on it!! sorry it's taking so long, it will be worth the wait...i promise!
    love you too! Sam says hi! and he loves you!

  3. Oh I know it will - give Sam a big kiss for me. Miss you!


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