Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Zero - 2 More!

Quick post today...
    Just wanted to show some more pics for my Day Zero list. Number 66 on my list was to learn how to fold origami cranes. Done and done! I would only allow myself to check it as completed when I could fold the cranes without the help of the online tutorial I found, it's awesome!
check it out... (origami crane)
So here’s a shot of my first crane...

I’ve been using pages from an old dictionary, in hindsight I should have started with actual origami paper, it’s a different colour on each side, which would have made the tutorial a whole lot easier. The dictionary pages were also really thin so that made it a little more difficult as well. I”m up to about twenty so I have a ways to go still but I’m getting there.

Note to self...folding origami cranes with cardstock weight paper...not such a good idea.
They turned out great, but MAN were they hard to fold!

Two more pics to show. Number 65 on my list was to buy an ereader...specifically a Kobo.
Not sure if anyone had noticed how paranoid I am about hurting the thought of dropping a hard cover novel or even a 754 page soft cover on him while nursing was starting to freak me out. Solution...Kobo,

I love it!! It’s simple, easy to use and best of all, light. Check out how skinny it is!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. But get ready for number 21! I’m hoping to work on that one this weekend!


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