Monday, July 19, 2010

Sam's Vomitorium...

...where first you binge and then you purge.
Then you do it all over again.
So Sam spent most of yesterday alternating between eating, throwing up and screaming.  
We had a very long day outside on Saturday and I think that contributed to his overall crankiness.
Our outdoor excursion started at 11:15 when we left to meet my Mom and check out Art On The Street...
I wasn’t really impressed with the art this year. And if definitely felt weird being there and not having a booth. But I’m glad I decided not to apply this year...there’s no way I would have had enough time to put together enough new pieces to sell. Needless to say we weren’t there for very long.
We then traveled over to the Wooly for some lunch.

 After lunch we decided to walk over to Nana’s for a visit but stopped on route at Mom and Dad’s new place to snap a few pics. 
Can’t wait for them to move in!!
We finally made it to Nana’s where after some fish watching, Sam went swimming for the first time.
Not really sure how that went, he alternated between great big smiles and looks of sheer terror. We’ll try again another day.
By five o’clock we were more than ready to get home, so Mom walked with us down to the bus stop. Where we waited, and waited and waited some more. We finally decided to just walk home, despite the ominous thunder and black clouds. We made it home in an hour, with no rain, and that include a stop to chat with some friends that I hadn’t seen in months.
All in all a great day...long, but great. So although Sam wasn’t in the sun at all I think the heat was a little to much and that led to the cranky barfy baby that was Sam yesterday. 
I had hoped to stay home and recoup...
(I wasn’t as smart as Sam staying out of the sun and now look like a partially boiled lobster), 
but Mr. Snips had already told his mom we would come over for lunch. 
We got lucky and Sam made it through a few hours without projectile vomiting...till we got home. 
Then it started up again, the barfing and nonstop crying. So I decided it was time for a bath in hopes that it would calm him down and he’d go to sleep.

It Worked!!
For a few hours anyway...I nursed him and put him to bed, and he slept for a whole four hours. So I got two hours of sleep, before getting up to nurse him again.  Then got up an hour later to sing him back to sleep and an hour after that because a thunderstorm (that Sam slept through) woke me up. And an hour after that to nurse him get the idea. 
So now I look like a sleep deprived boiled lobster. 
But it’s been a fairly good day today so far...touch wood.
Sam has closed the Vomitorium.  


  1. Love, love, love the picture of Nana and Sam! Miss you!

  2. i have a bunch more i'll send you...
    miss you too!

  3. Nik, have you ever been to the Spoonflower website?It is so cool and so many of your designs would make awesome fabrics:


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