Monday, June 7, 2010

If only...

...I had $350.00 to spare. I so desperately need this, 
for Sam of course, not me...
It's a robot that makes cotton candy in his belly! 
Have you ever seen anything cooler than this?!
We found it at the antique market...Sam and I had a fantastic day there yesterday with my parents.
I tried to talk my dad into getting it for me...I mean Sam, 
but apparently he thinks $350.00 is too much for a robot.
Did I mention it makes cotton candy! it's belly! 
Come on dad, can you really put a price on that?

Some cool ride on toys I also wanted to get for Sam.
Loved this little covered pedal cart with front seat for a girlfriend.
If only I had $200.00.
Next on the list, this old army police pedal car, 
cool, but at $495.00 too rich for my blood.
We then found this cute horse trike, I like that you use your hands to pedal and your feet get to steer. Two hundred smackers...
cute, but it didn't look to sturdy.
With a fresh coat of paint, this metal push bike with removable snack tray was my second favourite. It was $165.00, so for $35.00 more I'd rather get the red and yellow covered pedal cart. But it was still pretty cool.
Lastly we found this awesome banana seat trike with back seat for girlfriend, it was only $45.00!
Now that's in my price range...
except for the fact that I didn't have $45.00. 
I kinda think this one might actually be my favourite.
Oh well, we didn't have room for it in the Jeep anyway. Maybe it will still be there next week.
Next came lunch...Sam on Nana's lap holding Grandpa's finger. 
Please ignore the napkin on his head. 
My mom put it on so she wouldn't get BLT crumbs on him.
Sam holding Grandpa's hand while he gets some lunch, 
I can't get over how small his hands are...
especially compared to my dad's hands.
And the final shot of the day...
Toby, the puppy pull toy my dad bought for Sam.
Thanks Dad...Thanks Mom...we had a great day!

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