Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today I woke to the thumping of Sam throwing his legs in the air and slamming them back down on his mattress.
Today I have dirty dishes in the sink and the carpet in Sams room needs to be vacuumed.
Today the sweltering heat has given us a break and I wish I could find the time to spray paint this little piggy bank for Sam.
Today the convenience of granola bars isn’t cutting it and I would love a big steak salad.
Today Sam just wants to do squats...over and over and over again.
Today Mr. Snips called from work in the middle of the day...okay it was just to get my dad’s number but it was still a nice surprise.
Today the lawn desperately needs to be cut and Seven won’t go on it to do her business.
 Today I have barf on my pants and a little bit in my hair.
Today I have brushed my teeth, but it's past noon and I still need a shower..
Today, despite all this, I’m the happiest woman in the world.
Today Sam rolled over on his own for the first time...and I got it on video!
Today...right now... Sam is curled up in my arms having a nap...and i've never loved anything more.
        Don’t be surprised if your dreams come true today...
                  mine have...
            There’s magic in the air!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Cupcakes Go Wrong

I will be the first to admit that I’m an undomestic goddess. Yes I’m artistic and I can sew and I guess I’d say I’m crafty. But when it come to traditional household duties...I’m slightly lacking. And by slightly I really mean completely inept. I do clean the house, when I can. And by clean the house I really mean swiffer the floor and clean the toilet. I hate, hate, hate, doing the dishes. Some days they sit in the sink for a couple days, but they’re easier to scrape clean that way, right? Laundry?, I don’t really mind doing it that I’m doing it every day. (Who knew such a small person could create so much laundry.) I don’t mind swiffering, but I hate dusting. And cooking, forget it. I can cook a mean grilled cheese sandwich and throw some fries on the side but that’s as good as it gets. During the day I live on granola bars and cereal, with the occasional salad thrown in for some greenery.
Mr. Snips cooks dinner, which works nicely for me. But I think about all the fantastic meals my parents cooked for me and my sisters growing up and I guess I hoped that some of those cooking and baking skills would have rubbed off on me.
Because I’ve decided that I want to become a cupcake master...
But I can't bake...
Witness my first cupcake disaster...
They look great...but who new that vegetable oil went bad?
Well I didn’t.
So the cupcakes looked great but you can’t even imagine how bad they tasted.
Mr. Snips said they tasted like the way a barn smells...whatever that means. Though I don’t think it was complimentary.
So my quest for world cupcake domination continues.
I made those cupcakes around the start of May, and I’d started thinking that with my shoddy baking skills I might be better off using my artistic abilities to decorate the cupcakes of others and leave the baking to more competent people. Then I got the crazy idea to try and make Black Forest Cupcakes for my Dad for Fathers Day...and they worked! Not only did they look awesome, they tasted pretty good too!

I guess there’s hope for world cupcake domination after all!

Monday, June 7, 2010

If only...

...I had $350.00 to spare. I so desperately need this, 
for Sam of course, not me...
It's a robot that makes cotton candy in his belly! 
Have you ever seen anything cooler than this?!
We found it at the antique market...Sam and I had a fantastic day there yesterday with my parents.
I tried to talk my dad into getting it for me...I mean Sam, 
but apparently he thinks $350.00 is too much for a robot.
Did I mention it makes cotton candy! it's belly! 
Come on dad, can you really put a price on that?

Some cool ride on toys I also wanted to get for Sam.
Loved this little covered pedal cart with front seat for a girlfriend.
If only I had $200.00.
Next on the list, this old army police pedal car, 
cool, but at $495.00 too rich for my blood.
We then found this cute horse trike, I like that you use your hands to pedal and your feet get to steer. Two hundred smackers...
cute, but it didn't look to sturdy.
With a fresh coat of paint, this metal push bike with removable snack tray was my second favourite. It was $165.00, so for $35.00 more I'd rather get the red and yellow covered pedal cart. But it was still pretty cool.
Lastly we found this awesome banana seat trike with back seat for girlfriend, it was only $45.00!
Now that's in my price range...
except for the fact that I didn't have $45.00. 
I kinda think this one might actually be my favourite.
Oh well, we didn't have room for it in the Jeep anyway. Maybe it will still be there next week.
Next came lunch...Sam on Nana's lap holding Grandpa's finger. 
Please ignore the napkin on his head. 
My mom put it on so she wouldn't get BLT crumbs on him.
Sam holding Grandpa's hand while he gets some lunch, 
I can't get over how small his hands are...
especially compared to my dad's hands.
And the final shot of the day...
Toby, the puppy pull toy my dad bought for Sam.
Thanks Dad...Thanks Mom...we had a great day!