Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Son the Wolverine

I’ve been dreading this moment for some time now.
 I desperately need to clip Sam’s nails.
I have scratches all over my chest, and his face looks like he’s been boxing with a cat.
I’ve heard horror stories from so many people about accidently clipping skin and having their child bleed all over.
This terrifies me.
I’m the mom who accidentally scratched his head with one of my nails and spent ten minutes crying, then promptly went into the washroom and clipped all my nails to the quick. So the thought of getting a bit of his skin has left me scared to go near his nails and him looking like a mini wolverine.
For the past thirteen weeks I’ve just waited for his nails to tear slightly. When this happens I gently pull the nail off. This has been working for me, but now they don’t seem to be tearing.
So today I finally decided that whatever the outcome,
I need to clip his nails.
I waited until after he finished nursing and fell asleep on my lap. I had the little baby clippers and baby nail file ready to go so as not to disturb him.
I gently unfurled his little fists and started clipping.
Five minutes later his nails were done and he was still sleeping peacefully on my lap!
It was so easy! And no blood...done and done!

One thing off my to do list, now only a million more to go!

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