Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day! Part One

I can’t believe I’ve been a mom now for three months...

...where does the time go? It seems as if it’s racing by. I’m trying so hard to capture as many things as I can in my memory. So many things I don’t ever want to forget, like all of his little facial expressions that seem to capture more emotion than you would think possible in one little person. Or how sometimes I’m not even sure I’m touching him because his skin is so soft, and how it felt the first time he really smiled at me and it wasn’t just gas. To have someone look at you with such open love and trust is truly amazing.
I had no idea it was possible to love someone so much, or that someone so small could make me feel so important and overwhelmingly happy.
I look at my little Sam sometimes and think this can’t be real, I can’t possible be this lucky. (As I type this Sam has just barfed in my hair...again).
The emotions that go through you are something I couldn’t begin to explain, and something only another mother could possibly feel.
I knew I would love being a mother, I just didn’t know I would love it this much.

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