Saturday, May 29, 2010


So I haven't quite been able to nail down this whole crafty, blogging, supermom deal yet.
I lurk in so many other crafty mom blogs and I'm amazed at what they are able to accomplish in a day.
Seriously, some of these moms have multiple kids, craft as work, cook, message on other people's blogs and still have time to write witty posts of their own.
I'm lucky if I can get my teeth brushed before lunch, do a load of laundry and  feed myself. Forget finding the time to do anything crafty or get any sewing done.
Now don't get me wrong I'm loving every minute of being at home with Sam, I just wish someone would let me in on where to get the superhero cape.
I must confess though, I do spend quite a bit of time blog lurking...
I wonder if perhaps I need to spend less time on the internets and more time in my studio...hmmm.
There's one small problem with that though...
                                                   ...this is the state of my studio.
I have a good reason for this, I swear.
Now Mr. Snips would say that the reason is because I have too much stuff, and I need to get rid of it all...
But I can assure you that I need all of this stuff.
Please don't think I'm one of those crazy hoarding people...I'm not. The rest of our house doesn't look like this, though Mr. Snips would say that I have too many books and he wonders why we need so many different sets of dishes.
But some people might think that perhaps one person's mess is another person's filing system.
Unfortunately that is not the case. If it's not out in plain view I have no idea where it is.
See I had been using our library/dining room as my studio and the basement as more of a holding room. Then we found out we were having Sam... long story short, everything in the library/dining room was moved into the basement to make room for the nursery.
I thought I would have plenty of time to finish the nursery, then move on to organizing my studio. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case and now I have a studio that looks like a bomb went off in it.
I'm hoping that by publicly posting an image of my disaster zone it might just push me to get it cleaned up. We'll see.

But have you ever seen a cuter reason for not getting anything done?

Friday, May 14, 2010


...that cool refreshing drink!
Lovely little snack of french lemonade
and strawberry strussel loaf.
mmm, mmm, mmm.
Still trying to get into the swing of posting a regular basis...maybe next week.
Happy Weekend!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day! Part Two

I remember earlier on in my pregnancy saying to my mom that I hoped to be even half as good as a mom as she was...because it would still make me an amazing mom.
I know that every child says that their mom is the best but in my case it’s the absolute truth. There is no mom better than mine.
I’ve never seen my mom’s super hero cape but I know she has one...she’s definitely my hero.
And not just my hero, she’s my role model, my inspiration, my rock, she’s so many things to me. But most of all she’s my best friend. I strive to be just like her.
I will never be able to thank my mom for everything she’s done for me, and all the fun we’ve had together. I just hope she knows how grateful and lucky I am to have her as a mother, and how much I love and respect her. I treasure each and every moment I spend with her and want nothing but the best for her.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!!
I Love You

Happy Mothers Day! Part One

I can’t believe I’ve been a mom now for three months...

...where does the time go? It seems as if it’s racing by. I’m trying so hard to capture as many things as I can in my memory. So many things I don’t ever want to forget, like all of his little facial expressions that seem to capture more emotion than you would think possible in one little person. Or how sometimes I’m not even sure I’m touching him because his skin is so soft, and how it felt the first time he really smiled at me and it wasn’t just gas. To have someone look at you with such open love and trust is truly amazing.
I had no idea it was possible to love someone so much, or that someone so small could make me feel so important and overwhelmingly happy.
I look at my little Sam sometimes and think this can’t be real, I can’t possible be this lucky. (As I type this Sam has just barfed in my hair...again).
The emotions that go through you are something I couldn’t begin to explain, and something only another mother could possibly feel.
I knew I would love being a mother, I just didn’t know I would love it this much.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Son the Wolverine

I’ve been dreading this moment for some time now.
 I desperately need to clip Sam’s nails.
I have scratches all over my chest, and his face looks like he’s been boxing with a cat.
I’ve heard horror stories from so many people about accidently clipping skin and having their child bleed all over.
This terrifies me.
I’m the mom who accidentally scratched his head with one of my nails and spent ten minutes crying, then promptly went into the washroom and clipped all my nails to the quick. So the thought of getting a bit of his skin has left me scared to go near his nails and him looking like a mini wolverine.
For the past thirteen weeks I’ve just waited for his nails to tear slightly. When this happens I gently pull the nail off. This has been working for me, but now they don’t seem to be tearing.
So today I finally decided that whatever the outcome,
I need to clip his nails.
I waited until after he finished nursing and fell asleep on my lap. I had the little baby clippers and baby nail file ready to go so as not to disturb him.
I gently unfurled his little fists and started clipping.
Five minutes later his nails were done and he was still sleeping peacefully on my lap!
It was so easy! And no blood...done and done!

One thing off my to do list, now only a million more to go!