Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm Nicole...aka snips 
I’m an artist
I’m self taught
I love D.I.Y.
I reduce, reuse, recycle and re appropriate
I love thrift shops
I prefer handmade and homemade
I love painting
I like old buildings
I like architecture
I’m generally reclusive
I’d rather be sweating it out in my studio then at some social event
that being said I’m trying to be less socially inadequate
I love flourishes, scrollwork and cartouche
I like calligraphy
I like typography
I love letters
I like dictionaries
I want peace
I laugh at my own mistakes
I sometimes laugh at others mistakes, (I know, I’m trying to stop)
I want people to be happy
I want to make people happy
I love my new baby boy
I love my family
I love my dog
I imagine a lot
I experiment
I love to stencil
I am sometimes too ambitious
I take on more projects than I probably should
I do silly things
I modify my belongings
I try to be constructive with my time...I’m not always successful
I like old school video games
I like robots
I think the tv shows and toys of my youth are way better than what kids have now
I’m addicted to gummy bears...nom, nom, nom
I love my spirograph
I love paint drips and splatters
I love graffiti
I love anything that sparkles, glitters, glints or shines
I love spray paint...it has become an expensive addiction
I love swings and playgrounds
I hate the thought of growing old
I don't like to ask for help
I like to leave art analysis to others...
the only thing that matters is the art
I paint things that I think are cool, 
if other people think they're cool, that's cool

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