Thursday, April 29, 2010

Season Opening

Well, Sunday was the season opening for the Aberfoyle Antique Market and despite the freezing cold rain and wind, my mom and I took my little Sam to his first of many Sundays there.
He had it easy... being pushed around nice and warm under his inclement weather dome and asleep for the whole outing. While my mom and I froze our fingers off and questioned both our sanity and whether or not it was worth it.

I did come home with a few great finds though. Just snapped some pictures of my treasures today and thought I'd share them.
First find of the day...

Lovely little wooden ampersand typography block...just 3 dollars!, I love dictionaries, calligraphy, typography, basically anything to do with when I came across this guy I just had to have it.

My next fabulous find was this mint Samsonite goldenrod train case.

I found it at the start of the day and wasn't sure if I really needed it or not. I wanted it but I had to know what I was going to use it for before buying it. So I left it, and proceeded to worry about losing it all day. I finally remembered this and thought I could transform Mr. Samsonite into a carry all for my small hand sewing and embroidery projects.
And really, for $18 how could I not buy it?

I found this next...

Another lovely little hobnail piece for my collection. Cause that's what i need...more glassware. I could hear Mr. Snips in my head loud and clear...where are you going to put it, don't you have enough, we need a bigger house. Five dollars people! There was no way I was letting this one go.

My last purchase of the day was the camera in the middle.
A nice Brownie Reflex for my collection. Fantastically dirty on the inside for lots of character in the photos and at only fifteen dollars I snatched it right up. Now I just need to make a new contraption for it and find my tripod...hmmm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Procrastination at it’s Best

I had planned on starting this blog last year.
I was going to use it to chronicle my first pregnancy and all my craftiness. But I thought I should have the perfect header designed first, so I waited until I had the time to design one. Then I thought, maybe I should have a few posts written. But what if I didn’t have anything funny or interesting to say, so I waited for something interesting to happen. Then when something interesting did happen I would wonder if it was only interesting to me, so I wouldn’t write about it.

Then Christmas crept up on me, and for someone who makes all her gifts (and is a born procrastinator) there was no time for my little blog. “January” I said, I will start my blog in the New Year. It will be my resolution...
...January 6th my water broke, two and a half months early. There goes the blog again. I spent the next month on bed rest in a hospital in another city. So now I had interesting things to write about and all the time to do it and no internet access. Crap.

So my little Sam came February 4th.

      A month and a half  early. We spent the next week in the NICU then he was sent home to our hospital here for another week or so. We’ve been home for a while now and we’re slowly getting into a routine where I think I may be able to carve out some time to blog. I make no promises though. I would like to be able to post everyday but I’ll leave that up to Sam.

Now, I have a half hour free, do I write another post or have a nap?...maybe I should shower?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm Nicole...aka snips 
I’m an artist
I’m self taught
I love D.I.Y.
I reduce, reuse, recycle and re appropriate
I love thrift shops
I prefer handmade and homemade
I love painting
I like old buildings
I like architecture
I’m generally reclusive
I’d rather be sweating it out in my studio then at some social event
that being said I’m trying to be less socially inadequate
I love flourishes, scrollwork and cartouche
I like calligraphy
I like typography
I love letters
I like dictionaries
I want peace
I laugh at my own mistakes
I sometimes laugh at others mistakes, (I know, I’m trying to stop)
I want people to be happy
I want to make people happy
I love my new baby boy
I love my family
I love my dog
I imagine a lot
I experiment
I love to stencil
I am sometimes too ambitious
I take on more projects than I probably should
I do silly things
I modify my belongings
I try to be constructive with my time...I’m not always successful
I like old school video games
I like robots
I think the tv shows and toys of my youth are way better than what kids have now
I’m addicted to gummy bears...nom, nom, nom
I love my spirograph
I love paint drips and splatters
I love graffiti
I love anything that sparkles, glitters, glints or shines
I love spray has become an expensive addiction
I love swings and playgrounds
I hate the thought of growing old
I don't like to ask for help
I like to leave art analysis to others...
the only thing that matters is the art
I paint things that I think are cool, 
if other people think they're cool, that's cool